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La decisione di moody's - agenzia di rating americana - di abbassare il livello di affidabilità creditizia del Regno Unito, ha avuto delle grosse ripercussioni sul valore della sterlina, che venerdì
Il secondo romanzo della saga di Suzanne Collins, Hunger Games - La ragazza di fuoco, o The Hunger Games Catching Fire, è uscito nel 2009, per diventare successivamente, nel 2013, un film.
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An assignment is a piece of work that is allocated to a student as a course of study. In the area of academic learning, one can’t deny the importance of assignments because these assignments are effi
A strategy is a plan that we make in order to achieve our goals. There are two top strategies that are used in order to collect the data for the research paper. First is the qualitative research stra
This page displays a blog entry. A thesis is a structured piece of writing and it is also a lengthy piece of writing. You will have to spend a lot of hours in writing the thesis for your post graduat
An introduction for PhD thesis is the most challenging part of your thesis. Moreover, it is also a lengthy part of your thesis. In the introduction of your thesis, you will need to provide the introd
Ab abstract is an important part of your dissertation. It is written in the beginning of your dissertation. It is the short summary of your dissertation, because it provides all the main points of yo
A dissertation is an independent piece of writing and you will have to work with great responsibility in order to complete it. It also depends upon your independent research. The basic aim of a disse
Dissertations are required to write at the highest level of academic degrees rather than the assignments. In this way, to write a dissertation is totally a difficult task. Most of the students face f
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